TEC - Teknisk Erhvervsskole Center| Teknisk Erhvervsskole Center
Nordre Fasanvej 27 | 2000 Frederiksberg
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Welcome to TEC

TEC is a large vocational college with a long history and a dedicated focus on future challenges and demands. Our students are the focal point of our attention and we reflect it in our goals, values and strategies.

Who are we?
TEC has a history of more than 135 years – the institution as it looks today is a dynamic merger of six institutions, the first merger starting out in 1999. We are placed at several campuses in the greater Copenhagen area.

At each campus we offer a wide scale of educational programmes, accredited by the Danish Ministry of Education. By staying in close contact with social partners, companies and relevant institutions in and outside Denmark we constantly work on keeping our programmes up-to-date.

The involvement of our staff is the key to the quality of our educational programmes. Development of personal and professional competencies for our staff is naturally a must and keeps us committed to secure that we continue to meet the standard of our core values.

What we do
In order to accommodate the challenges posed by the business world we are working ongoing to develop and establish new solutions for our school apprenticeship program. We are constantly developing our teaching methods and our digital learning environment to support today’s youth and their access to knowledge and the world, together with the demands of society.

Among other things, we have established an innovation college in cooperation with a business college. During the coming three years students from the two colleges are going to produce and sell products on the internet in order to be prepared for entrepreneurship and new thinking.

We have established a future-group whose focus is on the TEC image, making the school better known, and developing a flexible academic environment that takes into consideration the requirements of the companies as well as the students. The future-group supports, among other things, the development of an international it-supporter program, a virtual learning center, and facilities for students with special needs.

Lone Hansen, Director:
TEC offers and develops education and training programmes that comply with the needs and requirements of the labour market and the students. We intend to be a college with a good reputation and infused with a spirit of trust and respect. We believe that development, growth and values are generated through interpersonal relationships.
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